Monday, October 3rd, 2016

3 Axis Accelerometer Connected with SPI

This kit connects a three axis accelerometer to a Texas Intruments MSP430 or MSP432 microcontroller so you can learn both about how to measure acceleration as well as how to connect devices using the Serial-Parallel Interface, otherwise known as an SP interface.  Access the tutorial for this Technology Kit here.  You should be familiar with writing a Sketch in TI’s Energia language which is almost identical to that used for Arduinos.

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Monday, October 3rd, 2016

3D Printer Certification

There are several 3D printers available in the Maker-E including a MakerGear printer and smaller M3D printers.  You can read the tutorial and use the M3D at any time, but you can’t use the MakerGear printer until you become certified. To get certified on the MakerGear M2 you will have to create your own object using the 3D printer by following this step-by-step tutorial.  We strongly recommend your first print be a small object, < 15 cubic cm or an inch on a side, so you don’t waste filament while you are learning. Note that the MakerGear M2 is a precision […]

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